PLYLAND is a design & production company located on an island called Hiiumaa, Estonia.

In PLYLAND, we play with wood. We combine nordic birch plywood with colours to create exciting rythms and a totally unique type of wood. We design products to give little accents to bright up interiors and light up the mood.

We stand for practical effortless design and quality craftmanship to ensure a long life cycle of our products.

We value the environment as an inspiration and also as our source. Our material – baltic birch veneer – comes from local sustainable forest industry (FSC certified). With the classified knowledge of our production process and through-coloring techniques, we ensure the products have a long life cycle and are not harmful to the environment. Quality craftmanship is our secret asset. We believe that colors make people happier and with functional and useful products our mission is to bring joy and life back to interiors.